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Table Mountain Four Summits

Leader: Don Jepson 21 July 2016 Table Mountain Four Summits

After heavy rain the night before, the wind dropped and eight members had a window of ideal weather conditions in which to do the intended hike. Porcupine Ravine was a water-course but after we had branched out onto the Diagonal route we had easier terrain. We followed the valley system to Fountain Peak (passing by Blinkwater Peak) where we had tea. We then followed the ‘Table edge path’ to Maclear’s Beacon and then on to Fernwood Peak where we had lunch. Rudi, our ‘pine warrior’ went into battle with quite a few pine trees that were degrading the wonderful view we had from the peak! Our return route took us along the aquaduct and into upper Disa stream where the waterfalls provided the highlight of the day. Then on to Kasteelspoort via the railway track, arriving back at the cars at about 4pm.

Don Jepson


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